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For reservations Please call our main number between 11AM to 11PM to reserve your table.

We are happy to announce the opening of our Fresh Mediterranean, fast casual restaurant, at Del Monte Mall in Monterey, CA. Featuring high quality, fresh, healthy food served with the same warmth that Dametra Cafe is known and loved for. We look forward to serving you at DAMETRA'S.

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By Hilikus

“Best food and service in Carmel”

Reviewed January 12, 2009

While in Carmel on our Honeymoon, my wife and I strolled by Dametra's and browsed the menu. While doing this, Faisal (sp?) the owner walked out and told us all about his restaurant and himself and asked us if we would like to eat there. After wandering around Carmel for the day we decided Dametra's looked as good as any other place and we were right. For an appetizer we ordered the Hummus which was excellent. It was creamy but not over-flowing with olive oil. My wife had the Greek Salad with grilled salmon for her entree. Again, excellent. The salmon was cooked just right and none of the flavors over-powered the others making for a delightful dish. I ordered the shrimp and crab ravioli in a pesto cream sauce. It was magnificent! I'm not a big fan of cream sauces but my love of pesto won out over my dislike for cream sauces. The sauce was very flavorful and not heavy at all. The pasta was not drowned in it either, there was just enough making a well-balanced dish. We were given a free baclava dessert which was excellent as well. The owner was genuinely nice and really seemed to care what we thought of his place. It was absolutely wonderful.


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